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Blinding ambition

Origin came to a homeowner's rescue with a set of Easifold doors and a complete blinds system.


A homeowner from Maidenhead wanted to create a beautiful kitchen extension in a contemporary design. To do this chose bi-folding doors were chosen to increase the amount of natural light and create a ‘third space’, transforming the feeling of the home by removing the boundaries between the inside and outside.

Before the homeowner could start enjoying the new extension, eight weeks of turmoil were experienced from the initial door provider. For over a month the homeowner was left with huge gaps in the back of the house covered in tarpaulin where the bi-folding doors should have been. With the home insurance void, the homeowner urgently needed four sets of bi-fold doors – 14 individual door leaves in total – to complete the extension and make the home safe. The homeowner decided to go straight to a manufacturer and called Origin for help.

Within five days the homeowner had the new doors needed. The homeowner was able to speak directly to David Ginger, Origin’s technical manager, and gather all of the information needed on Origin’s Easifold system. Origin reacted to the homeowner’s predicament immediately and sent one of its installers with over 16 years experience in the building industry to her house.

The homeowner ordered a five (5,300mm x 2,085mm), four (3,610mm x 2,105mm), three (3,005mm x 2,105mm) and a two door bi-fold set (1,890mm x 2,105mm), which were all delivered by Origin four days later, ready for installation.

The homeowner says: “Not only was I extremely impressed with the technical discussions I had with Origin – I asked for drawings and specifications and these arrived by email within a few hours – Origin then arranged for their preferred installer to visit me the very same day and I was equally impressed by them.”

The homeowner had the aluminium doors fitted in white to give a modern fresh look, but also to match the completely white kitchen and fade the doorframes into the background, drawing the eye to the garden.

From bi-folds to blinds

With the successful installation of the doors, the homeowner now had a 13.8 metre expanse of glass to dress to provide shade from the sun, privacy at night and add that perfect finishing touch.

For maximum ease and efficiency, the homeowner chose bespoke electric roller blinds, also from Origin, made to the exact specification of the doors. Origin’s bespoke electric roller blinds are discreetly tucked away in a colour-matched cassette within the reveal, so they don’t add any thickness to the look of the frames. Depending on the stage of construction, the cassette can even be completely concealed within the wall so the blinds appear from within the ceiling.

Origin’s electric roller blinds can also be added to existing bi-fold, sliding or French doors and the installation couldn’t be easier. The major benefits over other types of blinds are that they are child safe, can operate on a timer and don’t obscure any of the glass when the blinds are fully opened. The electric roller blinds are made at Origin’s High Wycombe facility and each set comes with top fixing brackets and a fixing kit, as well as clear instructions for assembly. Hung from a recess or the wall with top or face fixing brackets, once the motor is inserted into the cassette, it is just a case of ‘plug in and play’. A power supply is needed to power the electrical motor and all Origin electric blind systems are hard-wired for easy fitting – simply wire the three pin top plug and just plug it in the nearest wall socket. One blind motor can handle a blind up to 3.5 metres wide. High quality mechanisms make the blinds easy to operate by a hand-held remote control or wall mounted touch screen. Both are completely wire-free so no channelling out is needed.

The homeowner can control individual blind panels or multiple sets simultaneously with the remote control chosen. The blinds also incorporate indoor sensors that can be programmed to open and close automatically at allotted times – such as sunrise and sunset – reducing the homeowner’s energy bills and providing added security.

The homeowner was able to choose from a wide range of fabrics, textures and colours. The latest in fabric technology is cleverly incorporated into the blinds, for example high-energy performance fabrics will reflect heat during the day and retain heat during the evening. Blackout and water-resistant options are also available. To complement the white aluminium doors, the homeowner chose remote control white blinds, blending perfectly to the frames and walls, in keeping with the modern kitchen.




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