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Pleated perfection
Wednesday, 07 August 2013 00:00

Masterblinds uses the latest technology to create the perfect pleated blinds.


Pleated blinds are by far the most common solution for conservatories, and it’s not surprising when you consider the energy saving properties they possess, not to mention the fabric’s versatility for creating a range of different blind shapes.

It doesn’t stop with conservatories, as an increase in contemporary angular widows across the household means that pleated fabrics offer a very attractive alternative to vertical blinds.

Masterblinds, blind manufactures to the trade, ha been investing in the latest technology steadily for several years, including the state-of-the-art Hunter Douglas Specialty Hoist and Hot Wire Cutter.

The Specialty Hoist helps the user mark out accurate shapes with its cutting edge system allowing for precise angle measurements.

This is then combined with the careful and precise cutting ability of the Hot Wire Cutter, which seal the fabric as it cuts, meaning that Masterblinds are able to achieve perfectly polished results no matter what the angle of the window.

Kevin Keegan, managing director and owner of MasterBlinds says:  “We wanted to cut Cellular Duette and Fixé to perfection; this machine cuts any pleated fabric in a straight line and eliminates human error… so no more chomping away with scissors!”

“We recently put these tools to the test with an Irish residential project, which consisted of motorised blinds that came in at over four meters by four metres. It was a modern building with angular windows, but with our new hoist and cutter we knew that it would not be a problem”.

An upturn in contemporary window designs plus an increase in energy conscious consumers means a rise in popularity in pleated fabrics. As a result, there is a higher and higher demand for accurate shaped window and roof blinds.

“Thanks to the Specialty Hoist, our customers can be confident that their blinds will fit more accurately than ever before.”





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