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Michelin star blinds

During the post Olympic refurbishment of Texture Restaurant in Mayfair, Caribbean were invited by the restaurant designers to put forward a new window dressing solution for all the windows in the main restaurant and champagne bar, along with the private dining suite.

The tall narrow windows, each measuring less than 1m wide with a height of more than 3m, were cluttered with a combination of standard chain operated domestic style roller blinds and shaped voiles that detracted from the elegant moulding around the windows and blocked the view outside.Texture Restaurant in Mayfair

The new window dressing had to be clean and simple, while providing the necessary light control and view to ensure the restaurants diners were provided with a visually comfortable dining sensation.

The Caribbean solution was simple yet stunning. The Barbuda model, designed for busy environments and windows with large widths and/or drops, were installed within the window reveal so as not to take away from the detailed window mouldings. Covered in a premium solar control mesh metallic fabric that glistens in the sun to add a wow factor, incoming light is diffused to provide evenly distributed natural light with the view and connection to the bustling city outside maintained.

To ensure the blinds rolled perfectly every time, they were each equipped with a motor concealed within the fabric barrel operated from a wirefree transmitter. With soft start and stop technology, a smooth but quick 23rpm and virtually silent operation and braking, the blinds glide effortlessly open and closed without distracting the diners, easily being repositioned throughout the day and through the seasons for optimum sun control.

Finishing touches and small details include the fabric being confectioned with no joins to guarantee a perfect hanging blind, as well as being free from any rippling or dimples.





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